toronto fire services pipes and drums

toronto fire services pipes and drums

toronto fire services pipes and drums

City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Band was formed in 1998 to represent the members Of the Toronto Fire Services, active and retired as well as at Line of Duty Death, National and Provincial Memorial venues, typically made up of members and retirees of the Toronto Fire Services organization

Our Vision

We are a Fire Department (Service) band and we aim to be the best Fire Services Pipes and Drums Band in Canada, excelling in musical performance, dress and deportment.

Our Mission

To promote esprit de corp within the Toronto Fire Services and to be a public relations ambassador to the public at large in support of the Fire Chief’s strategic initiatives.

Our Role

To provide musical support to The Toronto Fire Services

Toronto Fire Services Tartan

Tartan History

In October 1999, the band pursued acquiring its own unique tartan. This was accomplished in less than six weeks. Designed by Mr. Antony Cunningham of Toronto, and facilitated by Margaret Struth and Carol Graham at Burnett’s & Struth, and with advice from Senior Staff and band members, the tartan combines various colours with a unique symbolism specific to Toronto Fire Services.

  • Red suggests fire
  • Blue suggests both Fire Fighters and water
  • White represents senior officers, and the light which finds its way through the smoke
  • Gold represents Staff Officers and ties in with the gold of TFS shoulder flash
  • Black found between the white and flanking the gold represents our fallen comrades.

Toronto Fire Services Pipes and Drums proudly wear the Toronto Fire Services Tartan.

This tartan is made by Lochcarron of Scotland specifically for the Toronto Fire Services and is officially registered as Toronto Fire Services Tartan, registration #003044 in the International Tartan Index with the Scottish Tartans Authority in Scotland.


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